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Gemstone Beads 5

The pages in this gallery contain single gemstone beads (including pendants) and small groups of beads that are not strung. The pendants are drilled beads or cabochons mounted with bails. This is the third page of our four pages of new listings.

April 16, 2013: Jade, tiger eye and sardonyx agate.

April 13, 2013: Several multi color agate pendant beads with one from moss agate.

April 6, 2013: Sugilite, botswana agate and kyanite. Pendants from suleiman agate, Himalayan quartz and ruby. Pendant beads from palm jasper, moss agate, charoite and dream agate.

February, 2013: Pendant beads and sets from red agate and moss agate. Carved pendant beads from carnelian, agate, amethyst, smoky quartz, multi color agate, moss agate, ocean jasper, spiderweb agate, green opal and green chalcedony.

If you want to purchase more than one of the sets or individual beads below, please contact us first by email. In most cases we have only one of each bead or bead group listed, but sometimes we have duplicates or similar items.

New Beads

Carved pendant bead from blue-green colored jade. Red and green jade freeform pendant bead. Tiger eye unusual custom cut bead
Jade carved pendant bead
Catalog 1126
1 bead
45.50 x 28 x 9mm
50.50 carats
Jade carved pendant bead
Catalog 1125
1 bead
45 x 26 x 6mm
28 carats
Tiger eye freeform pendant bead
Catalog 5518
1 bead
44.62 x 30.67 x 9.50mm
49 carats
Sardonyx fan cut pendant bead pair. Pendant bead from cream, rust and brown agate. 51mm round pendant bead from sardonyx agate
Sardonyx pendant beads
Catalog 5867
2 beads
32 x 27 x 2.32mm
29 carats
Multi color agate round pendant bead
Catalog 5865
1 bead
35.54 x 2.21mm
25.26 carats
Sardonyx round pendant bead
Catalog 5864
1 bead
51 x 3mm
74 carats
Blue and grey agate freeform pendant bead Moss agate rectangle pendant bead Multi colored agate rectangle pendant bead.
Blue-grey agate pendant bead
Catalog 5863
1 bead
40.60 x 54.35 x 6mm
126 carats
Moss agate rectangle pendant bead
Catalog 1124
1 bead
34.90 x 23.55 x 2.67mm
26 carats
Multi color agate pendant bead
Catalog 5862
1 bead
35.18 x 24.40 x 3.10mm
34.09 carats
Blue kyaite oval pendant bead. Grey and white botswana agate pendant bead. Shield shaped pendant bead from purple sugilite.
Kyanite oval pendant bead
Catalog 2019
1 beads
30 x 22 x 9mm
62 carats
Botswana agate pendant bead
Catalog 5861
1 beads
47 x 22 x 7mm
60 carats
Sugilite pendant bead
Catalog 7212
1 bead
35 x 18 x 7mm
50 carats
Suleiman agate tumbled nugget pendant. Himalayan quartz with tourmaline pendant. Triangle shaped charoite pendant bead.
Suleiman nugget pendant
Catalog 5860
1 pendant
23 x 21 x 14mm
42 carats
Himalayan quartz/tourmaline pendant
Catalog 8062
1 beads
29 x 10.5mm
30 carats
Charoite triangle pendant bead
Catalog 8060
1 bead
45 x 26 x 8mm
60 carats
Double drilled dream agate shiva eye pendant bead. Suleiman agate 24.5mm barrel bead. Large double drilled palm jasper pendant bead.
Dream agate shiva eye pendant bead
Catalog 5859
1 beads
31 x 21 x 16mm
80 carats
Suleiman agate barrel bead
Catalog 5858
1 bead
24.5 x 11mm
20 carats
Palm jasper pendant bead
Catalog 8059
1 bead
28 x 20 x 2mm
22 carats
Two moss agate flat oval pendant beads. Moss agate trapezoid shaped pendant. Faceted nugget beads from multi color Indian moss agate.
Moss agate pendant beads
Catalog 1123
2 beads
28 x 20 x 2mm
22 carats
Moss agate pendant
Catalog 1122
1 pendant with bail
22 x 15 x 6mm
21 carats
Moss agate faceted nugget beads
Catalog 1121
5 beads
20 to 21mm long
175 carats
Five red agate sphere beads. Five large faceted barrel beads from red, black and white agate. Faceted oval beads from carnelian.
Red agate sphere beads
Catalog 5857
5 beads
21 to 24mm diameter
386 carats
Agate faceted barrel beads
Catalog 5856
5 beads
39 to 40mm long
240 carats
Carnelian faceted oval beads
Catalog 5863
5 beads
14 to 18mm long
46 carats
11 to 12mm amethyst drop briolette beads. Three amethyst faceted briolette beads. Three faceted amethyst drop beads.
Amethyst faceted drop briolette beads
Catalog 6923
3 beads
11 to 12mm long
12.5 carats
Amethyst faceted drop briolette beads
Catalog 6922
3 beads
12.5 to 14mm long
15 carats
Amethyst faceted drop briolette beads
Catalog 6920
3 beads
12 to 14mm long
11 carats
Five faceted nugget beads from smoky quartz. Faceted nugget beads from smoky quartz. Pendant bead bird carving from multi color agate from Idaho.
Smoky quartz faceted nugget beads
Catalog 6116
5 beads
22 to 25mm long
135 carats
Smokey quartz faceted nugget beads
Catalog 6115
5 beads
21 to 23.5mm long
123 carats
Multi color agate bird pendant
Catalog 8058
1 carved pendant bead
39 x 31 x 17mm
100 carats
Carved bird pendant from Indian moss agate. Two birds carved from Madagascar ocean jasper. Spiderweb agate pendant bead bird carving.
Moss agate bird pendant
Catalog 8057
1 carved pendant bead
48 x 38 x 19mm
250 carats
Ocean jasper birds pendant bead
Catalog 8055
1 carved pendant bead
33 x 21 x 19mm
75 carats
Spiderweb agate carved birds pendant bead
Catalog 8054
1 carved pendant bead
41 x 18 x 15mm
65 carats

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