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Kyanite Pendant Beads, Barrel Beads and Points

The first set of seven barrel beads below are drilled through the center on the long axis. The two points at the top right are not drilled. The single kyanite beads below are drilled on one end on the left or right as pictured. They are suitable for pendant beads.

Kyanite barrel beads
Catalog 2017
7 beads
20 to 27mm long
165 carats
Kyanite healing points
Catalog 2018
2 points
79 and 82mm long
160 carats
Kyanite bead
Catalog 2011
31 x 15mm
38.5 ct.
Kyanite bead
Catalog 2012
30 x 10mm
22.5 ct.
Kyanite bead
Catalog 2013
25 x 9mm
17 ct.
Kyanite bead
Catalog 2014
22 x 8mm
15 ct.
Kyanite bead
Catalog 2015
26 x 9mm
15.5 ct.
Kyanite bead
Catalog 2016
23 x 9mm
11 ct.


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