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Natural African Blue Chalcedony

We have more blue chalcedony like the beads below. Please email us and tell us the number of beads and sizes you want. We will send you photos of our blue chalcedony beads that fit your requirements.


The nugget beads above are untreated natural African blue chalcedony. They have one flat side and one more or less rounded side like a cabochon. They could be used as pendants. Or they could be strung as a choker necklace with the flat sides resting comfortably on the neck. One of the beads has a very small crack you can detect with a finger nail but otherwise these beads have no cracks. A few of the beads show a small amount of inclusion. And then there are a few that are just about perfect.

African blue chalcedony flat nugget strand
Catalog 914
14 in.
19 to 39mm long
510 ct.
$295 $225

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